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Lot 10- Support to Industry, Commerce and Services and Lot 11: Macro economy, Statistics and, Public finance management

Dear Colleague,

Our Experts' network, RBE, is now a member of a consortium led by IBM Belgium which is preparing a tender for a 4 years framework contract related to “ Lot 10 – Support to Industry, Commerce and Services” and "Lot 11 - Macro economy, Statistics and Public finance management" on the issues covered by EU-funded projects on Cooperation & Development.

In connection with the tenders we are currently looking for individual experts qualified in one of the technical criteria listed in the document attached.

Fichier Lot 10 Tentative description of expertise.doc

Fichier statement of exclusivity lot 10.doc

Fichier Lot 11Tentative description of expertise.doc

Fichier statement of exclusivity lot 11.doc

Taking into consideration your high level of expertise in one of the related domains, we would like to include your CV in our offer to the EC. It is important to highlight that by providing your profile, you will not be committed in anything except in agreeing the exclusivity to IBM Belgium consortium to present your CV. Neither availability, nor exclusivity at other stages is required. Should the consortium be selected or not, you will be free to collaborate with other consortium on this same lot.

In exchange, your profile will appear in the consortium offer to the European Commission and you will be solicited during a period of 4 years, each time an opportunity arises in accordance to your field of expertise.

If interested, it would be so kind as to sign the attached statement on paper and return it to me as a scanned file as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance. Should you have any questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,


Managing Director RBE

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Réseau des Bretons de l’Etranger

AND don't forget to send me your CV along with your statement of exclusivity.

Claude Guillemain <>

or : <>

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